large series

large series

Manufacture using conventional dies

Concurrent work on a single geometry using a set of conventional dies for performing piercing, shearing and blanking operations, and a bending die for shaping the part. Large series manufacturing using this method suits batches of 5,000-10,000 units. A die set can be manufactured within a few weeks after order, and therefore provide a relatively rapid solution for large series manufacturing.

Manufacture using a progressive die

Sequential work on a part using progressive die stamping improves the efficiency of the manufacturing process from raw material to finished product. The final shape of the product is obtained at the end of the process after undergoing all of the required stamping operations in a single die.

Serial production using a progressive die significantly reduces the cost per item. At Hamavlet, large series manufacturing using this method suits batches of 10,000-100,000 units. A progressive die stamping system requires an integral automatic feeder. The complexity involved in designing and manufacturing a progressive die necessitates specialized CAD software for die design and CNC and EDMsystems for die manufacturing. As a result, the process of designing and manufacturing a progressive die, including samples for customer authorization, takes several months after the specifications have been agreed upon and the order placed.

Design and manufacture of dies and blanking tools

Hamavlet provides design, manufacturing, renovation and maintenance services for conventional and progressive dies used in the manufacturing process at the Company. (For additional information, see: Die design and manufacture)

Cost reduction

Reducing parts manufacturing costs by: Integrating multiple manufacturing technologies, automation, efficient management of suppliers, raw material purchasing and inventory, just-in-time logistics, automatic inspection and packaging systems, and turnkey manufacturing solutions.

A comprehensive ERP system operates at Hamavlet, producing maximum value for the customer, by means of supply chain management, from raw material purchasing, through efficient supplier management, order management and customer service, and effective management of manufacturing operations and resources. As a result, customers benefit from speedy service, receiving high quality products, manufactured at lower costs and delivered on time.

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