Small series

Small series

Hamavlet specializes in the manufacture of metal parts in customized production runs, including first series, zero series, small series, and medium series. Hamavlet's advanced and comprehensive manufacturing platform and its flexible production capacity enables the manufacture of small to medium sized batches at short lead times.

The number of parts comprising a small or medium series varies from one application to another, according to the complexity and nature of the product and the customer requirements. Small series can consist of a few individual parts intended, for example, to the medical device industry or the aviation and aerospace industry; or it may range up to hundreds of items for industries, such as: Electronicsdefenseelectronic packagingconsumer products, etc. Therefore, discerning between small and medium series depends on the type of product and the work involved in producing it, rather than the quantity of individual units.

Small series

Rapid manufacture and delivery of small batches to meet various customer needs, including: Small businesses, functionality tests, durability tests, sales promotion, marketing samples, inventory build up, response to changing market conditions, or as a partial batch produced in parallel to mass production preparations, etc.

EDM enables precision cutting and drilling of hard and thick metals. Both EDM wire cutting and EDM drilling are digital, accurate and flexible machining processes with short set-up times. EDM wire cutting of a stack of metal strips (sandwich) provides a cost-effective means for the concurrent manufacturing of a number of identical items. This technique is suitable for manufacturing small series of precision parts of varying thicknesses, or for cutting blanks in preparation for other manufacturing operations, such as: Shape forming of electronic contactsantennas, etc.

Laser cutting and laser welding are advanced technologies for precision micromachining of thin metal parts and assembling end-products and sub-assemblies. The operating rate of laser micromachining provides an economic means for small series manufacturing. Laser cutting provides a quick and accurate solution for cutting blanks instead of die blanking, mainly when short lead times leave insufficient time to manufacture a die.

Hamavlet also uses the operational flexibility of CNC bending to form small batches of electronic packaging products.

First series (zero series)

The manufacture of a small quantity or first batch of the final product is frequently required in the transition from prototyping to serial production. The customer's objective in the manufacture of a first series is to examine the functionality and usability of the product and to verify that the manufactured product complies with the requirements.

Medium series

Medium series manufacturing (hundreds to few thousands of individual items) using EDM wire cuttingstamping or laser micromachining.

Hamavlet manufactures delicate and precision parts for various industrial sectors, using EDM wire cutting for cutting precision parts with excellent surface quality, in conjunction with delicate die bending at an accuracy of up to 0.02 mm. Medium series manufacturing is carried out by EDM wire cutting of a stack of metal sheets. The thickness of the raw material directly impacts on the quantity of items that can be manufactured simultaneously. Because EDM wire cutting is a digital (CNC) machining process, the geometry of the product can be quickly and easily modified.

Laser cutting is suitable for medium series manufacturing of thin components, when the customer does not wish to invest in manufacturing a die or because of delivery scheduling considerations.

Hamavlet also provides die design and manufacture service for dies that will be used in its medium series manufacturing (a few thousand items) and prepare the tools for large series manufacturing.

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