Cooperation between the customer and Hamavlet from early product development stages reduces development cycles, solves product or manufacturing problems, reduces manufacturing costs, and shortens the time to market. Hamavlet, in conjunction with STI Laser Industries, Ltd., has the comprehensive technological capability to manufacture precision prototypes using EDM wire cuttingEDM drilling, laser cutting, CNC bending, etc., and the operational flexibility to facilitate frequent modifications in the models based on customer instructions.

Engineering consultation / first article design

Hamavlet solves manufacturing problems. As required, Hamavlet provides engineering consultation from a manufacturing perspective regarding product specifications, such as: Tolerances, changing raw materials due to desired mechanical properties or manufacturing ramifications, preference for one manufacturing method over another, etc.

Prototypes and models

Development models and prototypes serve mainly to examine the product by performing analysis and conducting trials, such as: feasibility studies, usability studies, functionality tests, effectiveness, strength, dimensions, etc. Adaptations to product specifications are carried out between one development model and the next. During the prototyping phase, the manufacturing process entails many and frequent changes, until the desired prototype is selected.

Hamavlet manufactures precision models and prototypes that comply with high quality standards and short lead times. Hamavlet achieves this by integrating advanced manufacturing technologies with strict quality controls and modular production tools, for example:

Mock up manufacturing

Mock ups have various industrial or design applications, including: Demonstration, design scrutiny, sales promotion and marketing, product illustration, training, etc. Because mock ups are not used for functional tests, they can be made of cheaper materials using inexpensive manufacturing processes and their scale adapted to usage requirements, for example: An enlarged mock up for sales promotion or training purposes.

In addition to precision and controlled manufacturing technologies, Hamavlet maintains a broad set of universal, modular and dedicated tools, accumulated over the years (over 3,000 tools of various shapes and sizes). The wide selection of tools enables Hamavlet to provide rapid and cost-effective solutions for the manufacture of mock ups and development models.

Preparations for serial production

Hamavlet assist its customers to specify and adapt the manufacturing process according to the product specifications, and to select raw materials, coatings, supplementary treatments and finishing methods, for example: Supporting epoxy molding processes for the encapsulation of electronic components. Hamavlet accompanies its customers through the transition from development to manufacturing and assists them to reduce costs by applying effective solutions, such as: Die design and manufacturelarge seriesmanufacturing using stamping or the small series manufacturing using less expensive means.

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