Services overview


Prototyping / R&D support

  • Manufacture of individual R&D models and prototypes
  • EDM wire cutting of hard metal products, jigs, fixtures and tools of varying thickness (≤ 400 mm)
  • EDM wire cutting and drilling or laser micromachining of miniature, complex and precision parts
  • Delicate machining using a manual press, particularly bending thin parts
  • Assistance in the characterization and specification of the manufacturing process and support during the transition from R&D to serial production (tolerances, raw materials, coatingsSMT, packaging…)

Small series manufacturing / small batches

  • Small series manufacturing using EDM wire cutting or laser micromachining
  • 3D shape forming of flat materials, especially sheet metal, using CNC bending
  • Rapid manufacturing and delivery of small batches for various purposes, such as: functional testing, durability testing, sales promotion and marketing samples, etc.
  • Assembling mechanical parts, mechanisms and sub-assemblies.

Large series manufacturing / serial production

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